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Spicy Garlic Chilli Oil

Spicy Garlic Chilli Oil

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Our Spicy Garlic Chilli Oil is the delicious fusion of Garlicky Goodness and Spicy Zing! The flavors are balanced to perfection and the fragrance is yum enough to bottle #UmamiBomb

Made with fresh garlic and chillis the flavor is rich, umami, spicy and most of all garlicky! Something that will take your cravings to a whole new level. The heat of this chilli oil does not blow your head off but is more on the medium spicy side.

Goes great with Pizza, Dumplings, Fried Rice, Baos and almost anything else!

Use it to add some spice to your Salads, Ramens and Marinades.

Garlicky, Spicy, Sassy and Super Sexy!

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    The Magic of Spicy Garlic Chilli Oil



    Dry Red Chilli

    Fresh Red Chilli

    Sunflower Oil



    Soy Sauce

    Recipe Ideas

    Top it on a poached egg over noodles, Chilli Oil + Runny Yolk = Bestest ever

    Use it to marinate your favs before grilling

    Use it is a salad dressing for a great kick

    Combine with Beijing Masala for the most amazing stir frys

    Why You'll Love It

    Spicy Garlic Chilli Oil is umami packed with an amazing texture of garlic and chillis coming together.

    It's spicy but not blow your head off spicy #Perfect

    Tips and Tricks

    Stir well before use

    Get a good mix of oil and bits in each bite

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    The best chilli oil I’ve ever tasted.

    Amazing taste

    Jyoti Jain

    Spicy Garlic Chilli Oil

    Yash Varma
    Almost perfect!

    Review of world's greatest chilli garlic oil

    Avnee Jain
    It was really good tasting the spicy garlic sauce.

    The taste really justifies everything. Only one thing which I would like is that you can bring another product of garlic without chilly. This spicy garlic becomes way too spicy to have it. Not everyone can have it. If you bring a non spicy garlic version, I would be great full to you.

    Kanika Malhotra
    It’s a perfect blend of everything. Iam using it to spice up every meal.

    As chilly as it can get!