Super yum dry Garlic chutney with only 3 ingredients

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Couple weeks back on Holi the mood struck and we decided to have vada pavs for lunch!

 A good simple vada pav with dry garlic chutney and soft pavs. Just yum. 

I believe the dry chutney makes a huge difference to your entire vada pav experience. Don't you? (If you don't I'm *judging*). Well coming back to our Holi vada pavs. Long back I had seen this recipe where they took the leftover batter used for coating the vadas and just deep fried the batter in the same oil. Then they mixed that with garlic and a few other ingredients to make this dry garlic chutney. 

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So taking inspiration from this recipe, I decided to try something similar. This is so easy - you won't even believe. Like super duper omg what is even life easy. 

All you need are 3 ingredients - leftover fried batter crumbs + fresh garlic pods + Desi chilli oil. Why Desi chilli oil and not Spicy Garlic chilli oil you ask? Because Desi chilli oil has the right texture and spice blend for this particular recipe. 

So non negotiable Desi chilli oil. 

garlic chutney, garlic, pav, vada pav

Add the fresh garlic and fried batter crumbs to a masala grinder and just grind it coarsely. It should be a dryish crumbly paste. Then add a good helping of Desi chilli oil to this. Mix with a spoon and voila! The best and mind you easiestttt chutney you will ever make. And not just for vada pavs, we ended up using the leftover dry chutney over our eggs, toast even a wonderful topping for plain old dal chawal. So so good. 

chilli oil chutney, chilli oil, chutney, vada pav, pav

Even though I tried this left over batata vada batter, I'm pretty sure this will work with any leftover batter. So next time you're frying some vadas or pakodas or anything - you know what you have to do with the leftover batter! 

Catch ya'll next time with another great find!

P.S. there's a video somewhere in this article. Watch it and follow the simple recipe!


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