Spicy Garlic chilli oil and Tomatoes - A match made in heaven

Out and about our new flavour of Greatest chilli oil! Drumroll please
The Spicy Garlic Chilli Oil!!!!!! wooohoooooooooo yayayyayayay
It has been such a wonderful journey start to finish to create this blast of a flavour. Months of working on the recipe, figuring out large scale production, marketing, execution, warehousing blah blah blah. And its finally here in its yummiest form!
avocado toast
Right before our launch, one morning over breakfast we were trying to brain storm some recipes and ideas for the new flavour. Pretty typical day, pretty standard breakfast - toast, some form of cheese, fresh veggies, eggs etc. The usual morning. And obviously some chilli oil to top it all off!
Nikhil made his toast with a slice of sourdough, topped it with cream cheese and chopped tomatoes. And added a drizzle of spicy garlic chilli oil all over. 
avocado egg toast, fried egg on toast
Now I'm one of those people that pick out tomatoes from everything - salads, burgers, sandwiches, pizza just everything really. Even when I order anything from outside, theres always an extra request - "no tomatoes". Don't like tomatoes. Like no. Nope. 
But this toast was just the best toast I've ever had. The combination of spicy garlicky chilli oil and fresh tomatoes was so unexpected. I wish I knew earlier. All those wasted picked out lonely tomatoes on the side of my plate. This has now become a staple in our household. So yummy!
avocado toast, egg toast, fried egg, chilli oil
So I thought I would share a couple more toast + tomato + chilli oil combinations we've tried so far. We've tried these with sourdough or even just regular multigrain bread, just works with any type of bread. 
  • Toast + cream cheese + chopped tomatoes + spicy garlic chilli oil
  • Toast + smashed avocado + chopped tomatoes + spicy garlic chilli oil
  • Toast + fresh mozzarella ( we used bocconcini) + chopped tomatoes + spicy garlic chilli oil
  • Toast + fried egg + chopped tomatoes + spicy garlic chilli oil
  • Toast + cheese spread + sliced cucumbers and tomatoes + spicy garlic chilli oil
Honestly the combinations are end and all just delish yum muaaahhhhhhh
Hope you try some of these and inspire us with some of your ideas! Do write back to us if you do!
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Amazing product! I ordered the chilly oil and the pairing is heavenly with dimsums, noodles, momos, pizza, thukpa, japchae you name it! I could go on an on…..the only issue I had was that oil had leaked out of the container and it messed with the entire packaging when I received it…I am not sure whether it is the fault of the logistics who didn’t handle it properly maybe….I got it shipped to Bengaluru..but all in all, it is a fantastic product….and I would keep ordering it as long as it is available for ordering…cheers!


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