Quick trick for a sushi/dumpling dipping sauce!


SUSHI, salmon, chilli oil, soy sauce, fish, seafood

I hope noone ever asks me to choose between dumplings and sushi. There's nothing more perfect in life than a platter of sushi and dumplings. And both of these deserve a kickass dipping sauce! Now what if I told you that you can make the best dipping sauce with just 2 ingredients and both are in your pantry right now. Mind = blown. 

A delicious dipping sauce can make all the difference to your dumpling/sushi enjoyment. You can craft this delicious dipping sauce in literally 2 mins and make a good dumpling experience into a truly great one.

sushi, seafood, salmon, chilli oil, soy sauce

All you need is soy sauce and your preferred flavour of our chilli oil! That's it. So simple!

The soy sauce adds the extra salty umami kick and the chilli oil brings spice into the mix. If you're using the Spicy garlic flavour then you have the super garlicky, sweet, spicy elements. And if you're using the Desi flavour you get the nuttyness from the oil, crunchy sharp flavours of fennel, cinnamon, star anise - must haves in indian as well as chinese cooking! I personally prefer the Desi version for this dipping sauce but to each his own! (or her)

dumpling, prawn, hargao, chilli oil, soy sauce

Feel free to get creative with this! Sometimes I add extra fresh garlic or a pinch of sesame seeds. But just the 2 ingredients are more than enough for this amazing little condiment. 

Hope you get some dumplings/sushi or both today!


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