Our favourite things to eat with chilli oil

 Chilli oil is such an addictive condiment. Add it to eggs, pasta, pizza, seafood, and anything else that could use some extra yummy—even ice cream!

Chilli oil is so universal that you are able to utilise it in your kitchen from breakfast to dessert. It tastes fantastic in a variety of preparations - a flavourful fish and meat marinade, a spicy topping for dal chawal or even a bowl of hummus.

World's Greatest Chilli Oil will work for you even if you don't particularly enjoy too much heat in your food. It's more about flavour and earthiness than just raw harsh spice. 

Let's take you through some of our favourite things to eat with the chilli oil!

Momos and Dumplings

There is no better combination than any type of momos, dumplings etc  and chilli oil. Dip them in chilli oil or pour a spoon of chilli oil on your dumplings before they take that long-awaited journey to your mouth. Pan fried, boiled or steamed dumplings all work here, we promise.


Spoon over your chili oil on a slice of pizza. The spice is nicely balanced by the savory, salty, melty cheese, and delicious bread. Our favourite toppings would be jalapeno and pepperoni but any toppings go great with chilli oil on pizza.

Noodles and Ramen

A dollop of chilli oil stirred through a bowl of silky, slippery noodles will elevate your whole eating experience in a hot minute. Your stir-fry will be amplified, your ramen will be singing and your plain old bowl of instant noodles will become the best thing you’ve eaten all week.

Rice bowls

Fried rice, steamed rice, brown rice, white rice. We love it all and we’ve yet to discover a rice that can’t be kicked up a notch with chilli oil. Add some veggies, meats, eggs or even daal and you have a delish rice bowl meal. You’ll experience the delight of spice in every bite.


Chilli oil is so so good on just about any type of eggs you can think of. Fried, scrambled, poached, boiled. The warm bland eggs gets the makeover it deserves.

Our personal favourite - a crispy egg with a sunny yolk topped with a generous splatter of chilli oil - best thing ever! Breakfast couldn't have gotten better! We like it on toast or rice or just plain eggs.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If there's anything that can make a gooey grilled cheese better than what it already is - it is a drizzle of chilli oil. The salty cheese, toasted buttery bread and chilli oil together are a match made in heaven. It adds the right amount of kick to balance out the fats.


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