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One of our all time favourite things to do is travel whenever possible. And when we travel we make sure to try and eat everything possible. Cannot miss anything! Our days are just about walking around, exploring the local streets, drinking wine and eating food literally every hour!

travelling in burano

This blog post is basically a list of foods we've tried and absolutely loved during our vacays!

Where do I even begin lolzzz

The first time ever I came across a game changing dish was when I was 9 years old and we made our first ever international family trip! Thailand


I was too young to really know what "exploring local food" means. We were staying at a hotel and food had been a bit difficult to find as my parents didn't understand Thai cuisine back then. Things are waaaayyyyy different now. But the dish that changed my life was Congee - I made them order congee for me every single night for dinner - 100% obsessed

Just incase you're not aware of Congee - it is a simple rice pudding mostly eaten as a side dish with other flavoured veggies, or meat etc. The Congee is basically the "kanji" which I grew up eating all the time (love kanji - shoutout to all my Keralite Tamilian friendos) But there was something different about the Thai Congee I guess coz of their seasoning. I've never given up on the Congee or Kanji - still a favourite! And a new awesome addition to the Congee is Worlds Greatest Chilli Oil! It's a great combo!


The next item on my list has to be Tzatziki. Tzatziki is a European yoghurt and cucumber based dip with other herbs and seasonings. I discovered the Tzatziki on an exchange trip to Munich when I was 15 pretty much. I wanted to marry this dip. I ate it all the time everyday and even brought back a huge tub for myself to India. Somehow it took me almost 10 years to figure out my own tzatziki recipe even though its so super simple. Who knew!


The next delish thing is also something I discovered in the same exchange trip to Munich - take a guess! Yup that's right!! Pretzels - oh my god when I bit into a fresh pretzel for the first time ever - I swear I could've just died of happiness. I am not a bread lover by any means but I think I could eat pretzels all the time. Unfortunately I've only had the most amazing pretzels in Germany and nowhere else in the world. Somehow other countries haven't managed to get it right (strictly imo no offence)

squid ink risotto

Next up! The out-of-this-world-crazy-good Squid ink Risotto from Trattoria Da Romano in Burano, Venice. Their squid ink risotto is a star and has been for almost 35 years now. It's creamy, salty and just delicious! I actually found this place on the many travel and food blogs I read before Nikhil and I travelled to Italy. And what a wonderful find!


Last one for this post - Langos. Before our trip to Budapest I had done an extensive research of food we have to eat there. The list was long - paprikash, catfish, goulash, strudel, sausages, nokedli etc etc etc. For some odd reason I completely missed out on langos. And imagine if i had literally missed out on it. Sad life to the max. But sometimes good food is meant to be and that's what happened to us! We happened to spend our evening at the Szechenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest (technically the biggest public pool ever).

After seeing all parts of it, we decided to leave because it felt a bit ew tbh. While trying to find the closest taxi/bus stop to go back to our Airbnb, we happened to come across a truck selling fried bread topped with the most amazing stuff - sausages, meat, cheese, sour cream, salami, greens etc. We were super hungry and stopped there for a bite - best decision in the history of making decisions. Langos is proper hungarian street food, deep fried, cheesy and just yummmm. The two of us barely got through one langos. Washed it down with so much beer lol. 

Well that's it for now folks! More food talk soon!




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Hi, loved your chilli oil, we enjoyed them with momos and noodles, Everyone at home relished it. We used very little with the noodles and it spiced up the whole dish…yummm

Sunita Bhatia

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